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Singletons Nurseries Lydiate Ash Bromsgrove

Lawn Turf

Top quality lawn turf is available all year round from Singletons Nurseries Bromsgrove.

Choose from: -

  • Seeded premium lawn turf 1 roll = .86m square or 1 square yard
  • TQ lawn turf 1 roll = 1m square or 1yd 1.7639ft

You are welcome to collect or alternatively you can rely on our extensive range of delivery vehicles including crane lift and we will deliver often sameday almost always nextday.

Quality lawn turf to get your lawn off to a great start

Seeded Premium Lawn Turf

20% off only £1.99 per roll

Singletons seeded premium turf is a great choice, which can be used by the professional or amateur gardener. The seeded premium turf has a carefully selected and blended range of grasses designed to produce a long lasting beautiful looking lawn.

Quality lawn turf to get your lawn off to a great start

Seeded Premium turf is:

  • Cut to your requirements
  • Harvested daily - so optimum quality
  • Weed treated & fertilized
  • Ideal for a great all purpose lawn
  • Same day delivery possible
  • Next day delivery guaranteed*

Delivery throughout Birmingham, West Midlands, The Black Country & Worcestershire.

Seeded Premium

Seeded Premium Lawn Turf

TQ Lawn Turf

TQ turf is a great lawn turf. An excellent choice for both professional landscapers and experienced gardeners who seek the very best.

Key benefits: -

  • Excellent appearance even on the day its laid
  • Disease and wear resistance
  • Almost weed free
  • Easy to lay
  • Available all year round

Our TQ grade of turf is grown using a seed mixture of dwarf ryegrass, bents and fescues. These three mixtures of seed allow the TQ turf to have a good look of colour and make a nice high quality general purpose lawn. Each roll is cut into approximately one square metre.

TQ Lawn Turf available from Singletons Nurseries Bromsgrove
Singletons TQ Turf creates an instant lawn
TQ Lawn Turf

Quality lawn turf to get your lawn off to a great start

Turf Delivery Service

Singletons deliver Mon - Sat (6 days a week). We offer same day delivery, subject to availability and weather conditions. We deliver from 1 roll of turf to large quantities. Singletons deliver turf to the Midlands, Worcestershire and surrounding areas. Cost of delivery varies to quantity of turf required. Please ask for our large order discounts.

Customers are welcome to collect turf

Collection of turf is available 7 days a week, subject to availability and weather conditions. You can collect small and large quantities from our Nursery office at Lydiate Ash, Nr. Bromsgrove.

Our lawn turf is easy to lay

Quality lawn laying service

Turf Laying Service

Singletons provide a turf laying service for small and large areas. We have an expert landscaping team who have over 20 years experience. Please ask us for our free site quotation, no obligation turf laying quote.

Lawn Calculating Quantity Service

A typical roll is 16" wide by 81" in length approximately 1 square yard. The size is based upon when it is cut. Grass can, and does shrink, if it dries out, which is unavoidable on some sunny days. To minimise this effect Singletons carefully manages stock levels to ensure your grass is as fresh as possible.

In metric that is 400mm by 2000mm in length approximately .836 square metres per roll.

However you can call us from 08:00 - 21:00 hrs and we can calculate your area over the phone.

Orders taken by phone - please supply the length and width and from that Singletons can calculate the amount of turf required.

Singletons Turf creates an instant lawn

Tel: 0121 457 9977

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